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“This easy 5 Step learning ladder is the perfect tool for students of all ages to reach their full potential.”

Dr Ben Murnane, author Two in a million

WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID ABOUT KEVIN’S BEST SELLING BOOK Maximum Points - Minimum Panic - A Guide to surviving exams

“I have worked with Kevin professionally for many years and have seen him prepare hundreds of students for stressful exams. His techniques are spot on!”

Glenda Chop, NCEF Course Coordinator, Dublin

“Modern research shows that stress influences virtually every area of life, often negatively. I think Kevin’s ideas will be particularly useful in helping students develop lifelong skills in handling stress.”

Maria Murphy, Researcher, Cardiac-Rehabilitation Unit, Beaumont Hospital

“Every day I come across cases of students suffering from exam stress. This book, I feel, offers practical solutions to this problem and will be invaluable to students and parents alike.”

Brendán Ó Murchú, Vice Principal, Willow Park School, Dublin

“I would highly recommend it for helping students with the stress of exams.”

Father Simon Sleiman, Principal, Glenstal Abbey

“Extremely useful in helping students find a path through maze that is our exam system.”

Brian Mooney, Lecturer in Postgraduate Education,

“Contains really useful information... Its approach is and realistic - I would recommend it.”

Patrick O’Mahony, Principal, Newbridge College